Running on the Web: 5 Sites to Hit

Running on the Web: 5 Sites to Hit

For the latest in the outdoor world and content from across adventure sports, these five sites have you covered.

Best Ultrarunning Site:


When they’re not out logging 50-mile runs, members of the ultrarunning community log into into, a comprehensive database of news, race reports, gear reviews, and more for endurance-oriented trail runners. Started in 2006 by Byron Powell, a former DC-based attorney turned long-distance runner, the site is now a collaboration from a handful of writers and editors. Here you’ll find post-race interviews with recent ultrarunning champs, articles on sports medicine for runners, reviews of energy gels, trail guides from Bozeman to New Zealand, and more.

Click this site: If you’re a trail runner thinking about venturing into the world of 100-milers and looking for resources.

Best Commentary:


By day, Scott Dunlap is a tech industry executive in San Francisco’s Bay Area. By night, he’s a trail running blogger and father of two who also manages to run around 70 miles a week. Dunlap is a talented runner: He’ll run a 2:44 road marathon one weekend and a 50-kilometer trail run the next. He started his blog,, in 2004, as a way to share his passion for the sport of trail running. It’s a personal blog, but one that other runners will relate to. He’s been known to do everything from a time-stamped record of the Big Sur marathon to an ode to outdoor showers.

Click this site: When you need distraction at work and motivation to go for that lunch-hour trail run.

Best Athlete Blog:


Legendary trail runner, race director and coach Karl Meltzer gives readers an insight into his mind on his personal blog, “While I continued to roll through the twisty singletrack, running it all at a comfy 9-minute per mile pace, it was pretty clear that I could run away with this one, as long as I did not cramp,” Meltzer writes. On his website, you can hire Meltzer, who’s been running ultras since 1996, for coaching services and custom training schedules, check out the gear he trusts most, and sign up for the Speedgoat 50K, the race he directs in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Click this site: If you’re looking for coaching services and other tips on upping your running game.

Best Sports Science Site:


Professor of biology and self-declared obsessive runner Peter Larson started in 2009. In addition to detailed shoe reviews and other gear insight, he writes articles on exercise and sports science from the perspective of a real runner. Want to know how minimalist running shoes will affect your chance of injury? Or the pros and cons of heel striking? Larson’s got answers for you. Bonus: He also offers recommended running-related posts from around the web.

Click this site: For the latest scientific studies that relate to runners, translated into language you’ll actually understand.

Best Humor:


Beth Risdon is a 40-something social worker and mom from Colorado who discovered running in middle age and now competes in Ironman triathlons and marathons. She started her blog,, in 2009. The best part about her blog? It’s real. And funny. “I’m a bit late with this training update. Mostly because I’ve been…well…training my ass off,” she writes. “And eating my face off because that is what you do when you never stop being hungry.”

Click this site: For a laugh, some fart jokes, and inspiration to get out and run from a woman whose company would make any long run a bit more entertaining.