Running Barefoot? Don’t Forget the Socks!

Running Barefoot? Don’t Forget the Socks!


Since reading Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, I’ve become a believer in barefoot running. The technique has literally cured my planar fascitis, and is now it is the only way I can run longer distances. My footwear of choice: Vibram’s FiveFingers. They’re form-fitting, provide great toe-control and feel, and protect the soles of my feet.

Blisters, however, are a different matter. When I’m out for distance, my form inevitably breaks down. The result: blood blisters. Every time. The only thing that I’ve found that really helps are toe-socks. Options are few, but Injinji athletic toe-socks shine. They fit perfectly into Vibrams, are double-layered for blister protection, and they have been my go-to for toe-socks for the past seven years. 

Injinji offers toe-socks for many activities (trail & road running, biking, hiking, soccer, golf, and yoga), and new options for cold-weather and snow too. Many products are available in cotton, but I personally prefer their wool (NuWool) and synthetic lines, which I’ve found provide significantly better moisture wicking temperature control.


For more information, check out Injinji’s website and these products specifically:

Lightweight runners: available in regular and wool versions. 

Mid-weight runners: available in micro and multisport varieties.

Snow toe-socks: longer socks designed for cold weather.