Compression apparel has become standard equipment for both pro and amateur athletes alike. The high-tech clothing can not only help improve performance, but assist in the post-workout recovery process as well. And while there are literally dozens of companies offering compression shirts and shorts to consumers, only a precious few of them are actually doing something to stand out from the crowd. 

One of those companies is WOLACO, a new activewear brand that is bringing some innovative new design ideas to compression gear. In fact, their flagship product – the North Moore Shorts – may have one of the best features we’ve seen in this category in a long time. And its so simple, you’ll wonder why no one has thought of it sooner. 


WOLACO, which stands for Way of Life Athletic Co., launched its product line via a Kickstarter campaign last year. Now, their compression shorts are available to the general public as well, and bring the usual performance and recovery benefits with them. But, they also have a key element that is lacking in most similar products from other brands – pockets. 

The designers at WOLACO have added two pockets to their North Moore Shorts that are meant for carrying a smartphone, ID, and other small items such as a set of keys. These pockets are designed to hold those items in place, keeping them from jostling about while running, while still managing to maintain the full benefits of wearing compression gear too. The pockets also happen to be waterproof, allowing their contents to remain perfectly safe from sweat, rain, and other moisture. 


The North Moore Shorts sell for $45, a relative bargain in the world of compression clothing. You can learn more about them, as well as order a pair of your own, from the WOLACO website.