Last chance: Road Trip contest

Last chance: Road Trip contest

This contest is actually probably worth 10 minutes of your time. Get a cup of coffee, sit down, and think about where you’d want to take an awesome road trip this summer. Think about all the gear you’d have to bring along, and how small your car is.

Now, write 400 words on what awesome trip you’d take with SylvanSport’s new pop-up camper (it’s legitimately sweet). If you win, you’ll get $10,000 worth of gear, including 3 months with the camper and a bunch of swag from companies like Spot, Wenger, Keen, Black Diamond, Yakima, Kelty, Orbea, etc. etc. There are also big swag piles for those who get picked as runners-up.

If you win, make sure to come see us at Gear Institute HQ in Santa Fe, NM.

You’ve gotta enter here: