Road ID is Now Apple Watch Compatible

Road ID is Now Apple Watch Compatible

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Since it was released last year the Apple Watch has continued to grow in popularity amongst cyclists, runners, and other outdoor athletes. Considering how much fun and addictive the fitness focused aspect of the device are it is easy to understand why. As a result, it is becoming more and more common to see the smartwatch be worn both at the gym and casually around town. 

In response to this growing demand Road ID, the company that creates custom made bracelets, anklets, and other wearables to keep you safe out on the road, has announced a model that is compatible with the Apple Watch. As usual, the company will engrave your name, address, and emergency contact information on a stainless steel badge, which can aid first responders in case of an unexpected injury or accident while you’re out running or riding.


This is of course what Road ID has been doing for years, but what separates the Apple Watch version from the others that the company offers is that the metal faceplate that contains the information has been designed to attach directly to the sports band that Apple has designed specifically for the timepiece, eliminating the need to wear both the Watch and a separate identification bracelet.

The Apple Watch-compatible Road ID tags start at just $24.99 for a silver faceplate and $29.99 for a special black stainless steel version. Both can be customized with up to six lines of text, which can include an inspirational message to keep you going during those tough workouts. For an additional $9.99/year, two of those custom lines can be dedicated to a special Road ID number that can provide even more emergency information in a pinch. The subscription service allows users to create and maintain an emergency response profile (ERP), which can be updated as needed at any tie. It also provides a 24/7 hotline number to call as well.

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The designers at Road ID are obviously aware that there are other popular fitness trackers out there as well, and as a result the company offers their custom tags for the Garmin vivosmart and various Fitbit models too. It is probably safe to assume that as other devices become more popular, we’ll actually see Road ID’s created for them too. 

Road ID makes a great gift to the cyclist, runner, or outdoor athlete in your life. Find out more at