Nike Wildhorse 7 Review

Michael Heimes
April 15, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Hugs the heel wellwide toe-boxWell-cushioned heel

The Bad

A bit heavyVery firm mid and fore-foot cushion with not much responsivenessNot very protective despite weight and firm cushion

This is the first Nike trail shoe I ever wore. In hand, the shoe felt quite heavy, especially at the heel and materials had a cheap feel to them. I definitely wasn't impressed! I also was concerned that with so few lace eyelets, it may not fit very well. Adidas trail shoes had this issue and I never understood why they'd vary from the more eyelets in their road shoes for a shoe that SHOULD fit even snugger to be secure on uneven terrain. 

The fit was surprisingly fine but not great, either. I couldn't quite get the mid-shoot tight enough to counter such a wide toe-box but they didn't feel sloppy to a degree of being hazardous. I didn't understand the cuff around the ankle. I assume it is supposed to be a built-in gaiter... but it left plenty of space for dirt and stones to get in. I felt the padding around the heel and thought it might be an issue but it wasn't. I could see some heel shapes finding it intrusive, though. Personally, I like some padding in a shoe to lock my foot in place and this heel padding kept my heel secure. 

The ride of the shoe is very down-the-middle. It is a bit firm, with some bounce in the heel.  A mid or fore-foot runner wouldn't feel that. Instead, they'd feel what I consider too firm and quote dead. Not much rebound. No meta-rocker shape as well. The combination of unresponsive cushion and a flat-feeling shoe didn't transition well for me. They by now means felt clunky, but not smooth and snappy either. And despite the firm cushioning and heavy weight, I felt rocks I landed on more than I thought I would. The traction seems fine. Especially on dirt trails. 

Overall I don't see myself reaching for this shoe for any runs. 

MSRP $150.00