Nike Wildhorse 7 Review

Kate Woodard
April 15, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Smooth ride on mixed terrainResists collecting debrisComfortable walking shoe

The Bad

Heavy feelSlick on wet rocks/rootsHard to adjust for heel comfort vs. stability

I had high hopes that the Wildhorse would find the sweet spot between a speed shoe and a technical mountain runner. Unfortunately, it missed the mark for me in several areas. The fit is great for general walking and moving around, with a protective upper collar that limits pesky debris and more padding than its cousin, the Terra Kiger. It feels nice for a quick jog in the neighborhood. Once asked for more intense performance, however, the Wildhorse doesn't follow through. Attempts to secure the fit for climbing either result in slippage over the calcaneus or too much pressure in the area. The shoe feels heavier and slower than others with a similar weight, likely because the balance seems set back and heel heavy. The traction is better than some in the category, but is not trustworthy going downhill on wet roots or rocks. Overall, it's a very middle of the road option that is probably best in the hands (or on the feet) of someone who dabbles in trail running for an hour or two a week, but may want to use the shoe for general walking or cross training as well. 

MSRP $150.00