ASICS Meta Speed Review

Jeff Tissue
April 4, 2021
Gear Rating

The Good

Super lightweightCarbon plate; ResponsivenessSoft Cushion

The Bad

PricepointFlimsy UpperDurability

The ASICS Meta Speed is a carbon plated, well-cushioned shoe that is a definite addition to their line of shoes. I was so impressed with how this shoe felt immediately out of the box. Right away I wanted to do striders in it to really test it out. It is a perfect shoe for a tempo run, some fast intervals, and definitely would put it on for a race! I also found myself loving these on a recovery day because of the soft foam ASICS uses for the shoe.

In the world of carbon plated shoes, I think the Meta Speed finds its way up near the top. The sole was grippy which was great for turning corners and running on wet pavement/paint on the streets. The shoe tranisitioned really smoothly and I found it to really propel me forward.

The foam feels cushioned, light and bouncy and there is a ton of it. I am a sucker for a soft cushioned feel and this hits the perfect balance. There is enough there to support you through longer races without adding to the overall weight of the shoe.

The upper was super light and breathable. When I put it on, it almost felt like there was some extra material near the midsole and it bent weirdly. Does this affect the run? No.

One drawback, that is not specific to ASICS but applies to all of the carbon plated shoes, is the price point. You are dropping $250 on a pair of running shoes. At that cost I start really evaluating when/how I am going to use the shoe. 

I also have an outstanding concern around the durability of the sole. With some exposed foam on the sole, it seems as if that would wear quickly. I haven't seen that yet in 40 miles, but would be frustrated if my $250 pair of shoes only had about 150 miles in them.

MSRP $150.00