REI Introduces New Line of Gear for Urban Adventures

REI Introduces New Line of Gear for Urban Adventures

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For nearly 80 years, Recreational Equipment Inc. – better known as REI – has catered to the hardcore outdoor crowd, selling backpacks, tents, and boots to hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers alike. But with a new line of products that began arriving in stores this month, the outdoor retail giant is hoping to appeal to a new and different crowd. The company’s evrgrn line is designed to appeal to a decidedly younger, hipper customer. One who is more likely to use their sleeping bag in the urban jungle, rather than an actual jungle. These are people who aren’t looking for gear to sustain them on a three-day trip into the backcountry, but want products that will allow them to enjoy spending more casual time outdoors with their friends instead. 

The evrgrn website suggests that this new line of gear isn’t so different from what we’ve seen in traditional outdoor products in the past. There is an emphasis put on good design and high quality construction, something that every gear manufacturer strives for. But a closer looks reveals just what REI has in mind with this new brand. The website reads “combining style and function for grab-and-go spontaneity, evrgrn gear goes from the beach to the campsite, from the bbq to the concert, always ready for your outside happy hour.” That indicates a more relaxed and casual approach to outdoor adventure, which is often defined much differently by today’s younger consumers. 

So what exactly does REI have in store for customers? Here are a few of the products that are available now, with more evrgrn gear coming soon. 


Campfire Rocker ($99)
One of the more prominent lifestyle pieces in the evrgrn line-up is without a doubt the Campfire Rocker. Designed to be highly portable, the chair can be used for just about everything from crowding around a campfire with friends to enjoying an outdoor concert in the park. The fact that it is a rocking chair sets it apart from similar products from the competition, as does the flashy colors and patterns on the chair fabric itself. 


Backpack Cooler ($75)
Built to hold 24 cans of your favorite beverage, the Backpack Cooler allows you to take cold drinks with you anywhere you want to go. It features a removable insulated and waterproof liner, a zippered interior pocket for keys and smartphones, and padded shoulder straps that help make it more comfortable to wear. There is even a pocket specially designed to hold the forthcoming evrgrn Picnic Table and a strap for carrying the evrgrn Center Stage Rug too. 


Crash Sack ($120)

The comfort of a warm sleeping bag meets the convenience of a down jacket in the form of the Crash Sack.  Rated for camping in 45ºF temperatures, this unique sleeping bag has both arm holes and a full hood. Additionally, the bottom of the Crash Sack clips out of the way, making it easy to walk in it without ever having to get out. The interior has pockets to help keep smartphones, headlamps, and other essential items close at hand too. Available in three sizes, the Crash Sack shares elements of traditional gear, with with an updated, modern sensibility. 

Check out the rest of the new gear on the official evrgrn website and let us know what you think of these products.