Red Paddle Co Expands Stand-Up Paddleboard Collection for Fall

Red Paddle Co Expands Stand-Up Paddleboard Collection for Fall


Last year, Red Paddle Co sent big ripples through the standup paddleboard community when it released a line of inflatable boards that featured their revolutionary MSL technology. This gave users the best of both worlds by creating an inflatable standup paddleboard that had the strength and rigidness of a double-layer board in a lighter weight package that single-layer enthusiasts could appreciate too. This Fall, Red Paddle Co is increasing their collection of MSL boards once again by adding two new options for riders who take their paddleboarding very seriously.

The 11’3 Sport MSL is designed to give experienced paddleboards access to more speed and improved performance while still maintaining a width that offers enough stability to make it a viable option for intermediate boarders as well. The board is a new design for the company and will have an MSRP of $1,499 when it hits the market in November.


As the name implies, the 14’ Elite MSL board was designed for those paddleboarders who are at the top of their game and like to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a SUP. The 14’ Elite will also be released in November and carries an MSRP of $1,799. Never one to back down from bold claims, the company says that there won’t be a faster inflatable SUP on the water once the Elite starts shipping, which says a lot about their expectations for this product. The board will feature a completely new shape for 2017 and boasts a mere a 25” width that, when combined with Red Paddle Co’s patented FCC stiffening technology, gives it the speed that should put it in a class all its own.


And thanks to Red Paddle Co’s new partnership with Ram Mounts, the 14’ Elite and the 11’3 Sport, along with all of the company’s 2017 boards, will be fitted with a universal base that will allow people to customize their Red Paddle boards with all of their favorite accessories. Because no matter how serious you take your standup paddleboarding, every board needs a little bling.

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