Q&A – Meet Bastian Cowsert, founder of 3V Gear

Q&A – Meet Bastian Cowsert, founder of 3V Gear

How and why did you start 3V Gear?
3V Gear was started out of frustration. I was frustrated that the gear I wanted to have costed more than I wanted to pay. But, I am a tight wad so that is almost always the case. At one point I remember I was in a store and holding two identical packs but they were different brands. One of the packs was $40 and the other was $130. I thought to myself there is no way that the $130 packs costs 3 times more to make. I started looking into manufacturing and guess what, I was right.

What separates 3V Gear from other technical / outdoor pack companies & products?
We don’t blow smoke up your butt. We are clear and honest about the gear we offer and what you can expect from it. Oh and when you call us, a real person in the U.S.A answers to help you out. That is really important to us, supporting our customers long after the initial purchase.

How did 3V Gear start production? Did you make prototypes in your garage; did you have previous experience in the gear production industry?
I bought a ton of packs that I liked and made a Frankenstein sort of pack that had all the features I wanted. Then took a flight overseas and met with manufactures and held up my monstrous creation and said, “Can you make this?” The rest is history.

Is 3V Gear focused mainly on packs, pouches & gun cases, or can we expect expansion into other product lines in the future?
This is a hard question. I think it is easy for brands to spread out into different product offerings because they see a golden nugget at the end of the rainbow. The current line up of 3V gear is not perfect, but with feed back from all our customers I think we can get there. Then and only then, when our packs are the best they can be, I will think more about getting other types of gear.

Where is the best place to find and purchase 3V Gear?
Online. The interweb is the best place to find 3V Gear. People go online to look at reviews and prices for other gear anyways so when they finally decide to give 3V Gear a shot we are easy to find and buy.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
The only thing I would like to add is about another product I am working on that I think you will like. It a water filtration system that is highly modular and adaptable.

Check it out at renovowater.com, and on the current Kickstarter Campaign below:


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