Products with a Purpose: The Ryker Jacket from Ecoths

Products with a Purpose: The Ryker Jacket from Ecoths


There’s something comforting about slipping into a well-worn jacket that’s been broken in just enough to fit exactly how it’s supposed to. It’s a comfort that isn’t easy to come by, but one that Ecoths managed to weave into the fabric of its Ryker jacket.


The Ryker ($119) feels as soft as a jacket that’s been worn for years, but the stretch organic cotton outer shell has a rugged feel to it that says it can handle any fall yard work that’s thrown at it and still look good enough for a night out on the town. The jacket features a herringbone finish that is subtle enough to add a touch of style, without being overbearing, and zig-zag stitching on the cuffs and pockets to bring just a little more flair to anyone’s fashion sense. Inside the Ryker is a soft jersey lining that definitely enhances the comfort and warmth of the jacket, but with a nod to function over fashion, the sleeves feature a slick taffeta lining that makes the jacket much easier to slide on and off.


The most comfortable aspect of the Ryker jacket, however, might just be the knowledge that not only does Ecoths primarily use organic fibers for its entire line of men’s clothing, but the company also partners with regional food banks across the country too. For every piece of clothing purchased, Ecoths provides three meals to people in need. With its products and its purpose, Ecoths is challenging people everywhere to, “Be the Change the World Needs.” Definitely not a bad mission to aspire to.