Patagonia Launches Line of Mountain Biking Apparel

Patagonia Launches Line of Mountain Biking Apparel


It seems that some of the most iconic outdoor brands are truly looking to expand their offerings into areas that they haven’t traditionally taken much interest in previously. Last week we told you that Columbia would absorb Montral to help bolster its efforts in the trail running arena. Now, another stalwart of the industry has just launched its first ever line of mountain biking apparel too.

For spring 2016, Patagonia has released a small, but promising, selection of clothing aimed specifically at mountain bikers. The line-up includes a pair of shorts, a jacket, and a zipped shirt, which is available in both long and short-sleeve models. Each piece is available for both men and women, with some thoughtful design elements to help them stand out from the competition. Here’s a quick look at what the line has to offer.


Fore Runner Zip-Neck Shirt (long sleeve $49, short sleeve $45)
Designed to be versatile enough to be used in a variety of outdoor activities, the Fore Runner Zip-Neck shirt is a bit of a no frills affair. It features a clean cut that doesn’t even include any pockets. That just might be a deal breaker for some, although others are sure to like the spartan design. Keeping in tune with the company’s environmentally friendly policies, both the long sleeve and short sleeve versions are made from recycled polyester as well.


Dirt Craft Bike Shorts ($149)
Good looking enough to wear around town, but definitely built for the trail, the Dirt Craft Bike shorts include a removable inner-liner that features a triple-layer pad right where you need it the most. The fabrics are designed to stretch with the movement of the rider, without restricting motion in any way, which is exactly what you need when climbing a tough hill or bombing epic single track. The shorts do include a zipped secure pocket for keeping a few small items safe while out on a ride too.


Dirt Craft Jacket ($129)
A lightweight and stretchy softshell specifically built for the trail, the Dirt Craft Jacket includes a DWR finish, three secure zip pockets, and a distinctive look. Designed for use on cool weather rides, it can double as a trail running jacket in a pinch too. Water and wind resistant, the jacket is also highly breathable, which helps to provide solid temperature control when things start to get heated up.

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