Pack Like A Pro: Long Distance Runner Robert Young

Pack Like A Pro: Long Distance Runner Robert Young


Ultrarunner Robert Young doesn’t have a long career as a runner, but it is already a very distinguished one. He only started running full time in 2014, but since then he has established a number of impressive records. Since launching his career two years ago, he has run 500 races of marathon length or longer, and set a record for running the most marathons in a single year, as well as the longest run without sleep. Currently he is attempting his most difficult feat yet as he looks to set the record for the fastest time for running across the U.S. The current record is 46 days, 8 hours, and 36 minutes. In order to beat that, he’ll need to run more than 60 miles a day for a month and a half.

We recently caught up with Robert while he is on the road and he shared some thoughts on this challenge and much more.

Gear Institute: Hi Robert! Thanks for taking some time to chat with us today. Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to?

Robert Young: Currently the only thing on my mind right now is to break the record for fastest crossing of America. Besides that, I would like to get married to my wonderful fiancé Joanna. If you’re asking about running, I also have the fastest crossing of Canada on my mind. But for now I’m just going to take everything day by day.


GI: That sounds like plenty to have on your mind at the moment. What are your favorite pieces of gear that you’re using during your run?

RY: I’ve been using a a Buff from the 100 Mile Club, some handheld water holders from INKnBURN and a midweight kilt from various resources. These are all lightweight, simple products, but are invaluable out on the road.


GI: Your cross-country run is being sponsored by SKINS. Which pieces of their gear are helping you to go after this impressive record?

RY: SKINS compression gear is fantastic, and plays an important role in keeping me healthy and fresh for running mile after mile, day after day. Their compression socks, Plus Reflex Shorts, and A400 or DNAmic Tights are amazing.

GI: Are there any special packing or gear-protecting techniques/tricks you always use when getting ready to head out for an event?

RY: Not really when I think about it. I just try to stay as relaxed as possible and go with the flow. It’s always important to me to have fun when I run.


GI: Is there any gear trend that you’re especially excited about?

RY: Live-Tracking is something that has peaked my interest. I think it’s pretty cool how people can watch where I am via a GPS device that I carry on me, that sends a signal to a satellite and then gets displayed on my website. I love that my family, friends and fans can see where I am. Pretty unique if you ask me.

GI: Technology has done some amazing thing to help keep us connect for sure. Do you have nything else you want to share?

RY: Just keep an eye on to see how I progress during my attempt to break the world record for Fastest Crossing of America.

We will Robert! And good luck in trying to break that record.