Pack Like a Pro: JT Holmes films his flights

Pack Like a Pro: JT Holmes films his flights

California-based JT Holmes spends his winters in the Lake Tahoe area, skiing his home turf at Squaw Valley Ski Resort. When he’s not on skis, the multi-talented athlete can be found pushing the limits of human flight, whether in a wingsuit, on skis, or a combination of the two. Holmes’ sport transcends the outdoor world as well—he has coordinated and performed flying and BASE jumping scenes for the films Transformers 2 and Hangover 3. You can track his adventures here.

Gear Institute: What are you up to these days?
Holmes: Well, I love skiing and I love flying. My favorite pastime at the moment is Speedriding and I want to enjoy this activity to its fullest! This means linking up with Chris Santacroce to learn some proper barrel rolls and also to just log as much time in the air as possible with my skis and wing. 

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Gear Institute: What items—other than sponsor’s gear—do you ALWAYS bring when venturing?
Holmes: I rely on a G-Drive Hard drive for durable storage of footage from my adventures. I love flying my Gin Yak 18 meter speed wing. It is a great tool for mountain transportation. And I live in my Lululemon first layers. The apparel carries a hefty price tag but the silver linings have undeniable benefits.

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Gear Institute:  As a sponsored athlete, you have a lot of gear at your disposal. What items from your sponsors do you always carry?
Holmes: My number one piece of gear that is always with me is the GoPro Hero. I use it with the GoPro Gooseneck mount with Jaws Flex clamp, on every adventure. The clamp allows me to mount the camera about anywhere. 

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PLP JT Holmes article-img-gopro-clampMy go-to shoes for everything from travel to technical approaches are my Five Ten Guide Tennies.

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Gear Institute:  Are there any special packing or gear-protecting techniques/tricks you use?
Holmes: I use a scale so that I can be sure not to encounter troubles at the check in. Furthermore, I opt for low bulk zero frills duffel bags so that all the weight I carry with me is my toys and not the baggage itself! Wheeled duffles weigh a ton and I would rather pay an extra 5 bucks for a cart rental at the airport than 50 bucks for an extra 50-pound bag.

Gear Institute:  What is one thing that you are especially excited about in your sport?
Holmes: I just need a sharp hat and a reasonable amount of sleep and I am ready to go! 

Gear Institute: Anything else you want to share?
Holmes: Warren Miller’s new ski film No Turning Back is touring and worth attending. If you choose a west coast viewing, I may see you there!