Outdoor Photographers Will Love This Backpack

Outdoor Photographers Will Love This Backpack


Finding just the right backpack for our backcountry adventures can be a real challenge for just about anyone, but in the case of outdoor photographers it can be downright impossible. After all, in addition to carrying all of the same items that the rest of us have in our packs, photographers must also lug aground camera bodies, lenses, flashes, tripods, and a host of other equipment. That means their backpacks need to have plenty of capacity, a high level of versatility, and organizational options that simply aren’t found in most bags. Fortunately Manfrotto – a company that specializes in gear for photographers – has created a line of backpacks that takes the needs of photographers into account, and delivers just about everything a shutterbug could possibly ask for.

In January of this year, the company introduced its Off Road line of packs with the 30L Hiker taking center stage. The bag offers quick access to an inner storage compartment built to hold a pro-level DSLR camera with an attached 70-200mm lens, as well as additional lenses and other photography-related gear. It also has a dedicated space for carrying extra clothing, food, a headlamp, or whatever else you might need while out on the trail. The Hiker can even be converted to a dedicated daypack by unzipping a divider in the main compartment, and it incorporates with a unqiue strap designed to hold a camera in place on the front of the pack for quick and easy access. 


The 30L model of the Hiker has been such a success that Manfrotto has decided to expand the line further. The brand new 20L Hiker shares many of the same traits as its larger sibling, just in a more compact fashion. This pack is built to carry a mid-sized DSLR with an attached kit lens, as well as a second lens and other small photography items. It also has a dedicated space for carrying hiking gear, and can be converted to a daypack as well. It even has the integrated camera carrying strap on the chest. 

Both models of the Hiker have a suspension system that helps keep the pack off the wearers back, allowing it to breathe better in warm conditions. They also feature conveniently located carrying straps that grant access to trekking poles or a tripod without ever having to take the pack off. These features are nice touches that help to set this bag apart from the competition, and offer a level of versatility that you don’t always find in dedicated photography packs.  


The 20L Hiker is available in red and grey for $159.99. The 30L model comes in red, grey, blue, and green with a $199.99 price point. Check out both packs, along with Manfrotto’s other photography products, at the company’s official website