Outdoor Apparel Is About To Get Really Bright

Outdoor Apparel Is About To Get Really Bright

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Urban Outfitters, the venerable city-centric hipster brand, have already branched out into custom bikes with with Republic Bikes, triggering a flood of crazily-colored fixies. And now Urban Outfitters is branching into the world of outdoors with their new Without Walls sub-brand. The curated products come from several recognizable outdoor brands like Alite, Ascis, Columbia, Nutcase, and Snow Peak, along with their own proprietary products,  organized around hiking, camping fitness, surfing, trail-running, cycling, and yoga. As you’d expect, the curated collection leans heavily toward retro designs (think ‘70s Patagonia bucket hats) and dramatic, bold graphics that you’ll either totally love or completely shun. A handful of more professional outdoor enthusiasts like Max Lowe and Ty Williams add some legit cred to the project, and their line is robust enough to carry a Frisbee gold bike caddy and crazy-expensive Brooks bike seats alongside lower-cost, slightly more essential stuff like $30 Princeton Tec headlamps. The entire line is available via their online store, and brick-and-mortar retail shops in LA, Costa Mesa, San Fran, Santa Monica, and NYC, which will also carry more exclusive products like jacket designs formerly only available in Japan.
—Nathan Borchelt

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