Tanner Jackson

Tanner is out there right now, schlepping jackets and packs up some precipitous mountainside in the Sierra Nevada. You can usually visit him at Adventure 16 Outdoor & Travel Outfitters in San Diego, CA. Follow him on Google+.

About Tanner Jackson

Why is Tanner Jackson is the perfect softshell tester? Because he never sits still. When he’s not dispensing gear advice at the well-respected Adventure16 specialty outdoor shop in San Diego, California, he wanders aimlessly between alpine rock climbing, cycling, backpacking, skiing, ice climbing and trail running. A veteran of countless rainy backcountry overnights in Montana, a plethora of steamy bushwhacks in Washington, and several awesome ridgetop windstorms in the Sierra, he has slowly become obsessed with outerwear design and performance. He has field tested for Backpacker magazine, and hosts small free clinics on skills and proper gear use.

Sample size: Large

Favorite beer: Dark