Ken Lucas

Telemark ski innovator, watersports writer and snow kite competitor, Ken Lucas brings his own style of engineering-based enthusiasm to the Gear Institute.

About Ken Lucas

Ken Lucas has been active in sports his entire life. The former lead tester for K2 Telemark Skis, he was also a regular top finisher in several competitive ski events, including moguls, racing, freeride, and rail sliding. Half of his time is now spent on fixed-heel AT gear in the backcountry on cool ski adventures in places such as Alaska, Iceland, and Pakistan.

Lucas was the New Product Editor for 3.5 Windsurf Report Magazine, and has long combined a background in engineering with a passion for testing gear at the forefront of technology while also pushing the limits of his own physical capability.  The owner of SnowAffair backcountry ski clinics for the past 13 years, he is pretty much addicted to outdoor adventure and sharing the stoke with others. His latest passion is backcountry snowkiting.