Osprey’s Packfinder Tool Will Suggest the Best Backpack for Your Needs

Osprey’s Packfinder Tool Will Suggest the Best Backpack for Your Needs


Colorado-based Osprey Packs makes high quality backpacks, luggage, and travel bags for a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re going backpacking in the Rockies, mountain biking in Maob, on safari in Africa, or just running errands around town, you can pretty much bet that Osprey has a bag that can get you through your adventures. But, the Osprey catalog is also quite deep, and finding the proper backpack to meet your needs can sometimes be tricky. That’s why the company has just launched its new Packfinder tool, which helps take the guesswork out of deciding just which pack is right for you.

The Packfinder makes its suggestions by first asking you a few simple questions. For example, it wants to know whether or not you’re shopping for a backpack for a male, a female, or a child. It then narrows the search further by asking what types of activities the pack is primarily intended for, with suggestions such as backpacking, cycling, alpine climbing, and travel amongst the options to choose from.


From there, the tool will display the various Osprey products that best meet your needs, assigning each of them a score based on their features and how well they apply to the intended use. The higher the score, the more closely that particular pack will match up with how you want to use it. In this way, customers will know at a glance which models are designed for use during their favorite outdoor activities.

But Osprey gives us the option to further refine the search using other criteria that is listed across the top of the search results page. For instance, you can tell the Packfinder how long your trip will be, how light of a packer you are, and what features you’re looking for in a pack. You can even specify any secondary activities you might want to use it for, and how much cash you want to spend as well. Adding these extra variables to the equation will cause the scores assigned to the various packs to go up or down based on the answers you provide.


Just playing around with the Packfinder for a few minutes, it is easy to see how this can be a handy tool for someone searching for a new backpack. Not only does it display some of Osprey’s more well-known and loved products, it also provides information on other bags that may suit your needs instead. You can give it a try yourself, simply by clicking here.