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Adjectives like “amazing” tend to exhaust us, especially when they’re integrated into a company’s name. But we’ll give it to Ora’s Amazing Herbal. The company’s story is pretty remarkable. When her youngest daughter developed eczema that required powerful prescription drugs, Ora Assayang worked with master herbalists and used her master’s degree in nutrition to find a different solution. The salve worked on her daughter’s skin condition—and it also worked for a variety of other skin ailments: as an ointment for mild burns, bites, scratches, and to help dry, irritated, and inflamed tissue. The aptly named All-Purpose Salve became their first product, made of rosemary, cedar leaves, and tea tree. It also helps soothe piercings and tattoos—but please, don’t go tribal on the tattoo. Because that would definitely not be “amazing.” Available in one-ounce ($9) and four-ounce ($19) jars.
—Nathan Borchelt 

Oras Amazing Herbal All-Purpose Salve 2