OR Show News: Nikwax Wants to Get Your Gear into Rehab

OR Show News: Nikwax Wants to Get Your Gear into Rehab

We thought this was a fun story coming out of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last week in Salt Lake City, and certainly something readers might want to use to their advantage.

At the show, Nikwax launched its three-step Gear Rehab Program to “help outdoor enthusiasts revitalize their dirty, tired and underperforming gear, allowing gear to achieve its full performance potential, and keeping otherwise discarded gear out of the landfill.”

The basic idea is that Nikwax wants to promote how well it waterproofs and conditions apparel by cleaning out dirt, body oil, sweat, smoke and abrasion. The “three-steps” in the program are to:

  1. Admit your gear has a problem.
  2. Clean it with Nikwax specialized cleaners.
  3. Waterproof it with Nikwax high-performance waterproofers.

But the kicker is that if you don’t want to wash your gear yourself, you can send it directly to Nikwax’s Seattle office and they’ll clean it for you. According to a release, “Nikwax will rehab one piece of gear per person (free of cost), and send it back within two weeks, to enable the gear to perform better than ever.”

For more info, and to fill out the “gear rehabilitation form,” check out nikwaxna.com/gearrehab