Getting lost on the New Jersey Turnpike is nothing compared to getting separated from your combat unit in Iraq. And to ensure that a lack of directions are the last thing our active troops have to worry about while stationed overseas, a non-profit organization out of Minnesota is actively gathering GPS units.

Operation Waypoint, a Minnesota-based program is broadening its program from a state and regional focus to national in scope with its new website, Run by volunteers, the program is committed to increasing the safety of military personnel deploying to the Middle East with the guidance of accurate, handheld GPS units and mapping cards for Iraq and Afghanistan. The redesigned Operation Waypoint website will build awareness for the organization’s work, making it easier for visitors to donate and encourage other organizations to become partners in the project to provide GPS devices for soldiers in their own communities.

“Our goal is to spearhead an even larger movement where communities nationwide can directly support our troops in a very meaningful way,” said Waypoint founder Ed Meyer. “I believe that every soldier that feels a GPS would aid them in their mission in the Middle East should have one with them.” Check out the program here.