New Case Turns Your iPhone into an Underwater Camera

New Case Turns Your iPhone into an Underwater Camera


Without a doubt, one of the things that most people love about the iPhone is its outstanding camera. After all, millions use it everyday to snap selfies, chronicle their travels, or simply capture images of interesting things that they encounter in their daily lives. But like most other expensive electronic devices, the iPhone doesn’t mix well with water, which severely limits its ability to be used by scuba divers. But thanks to a new case from a company called Watershot, Inc., using the iPhone on your next dive could become a reality. 

The Watershot Pro Line Kit for iPhone 6 provides everything you need to turn your smartphone into a camera that is capable of reaching incredible depths, while still taking outstanding photos along the way. The case enshrouds the iPhone in a airtight seal made of injection-molded polycarbonate that completely protects it from water down to a depth of 195 feet. Its outer housing also features an ergonomically designed shape that makes it easy to hold, while an included lanyard ensures that divers won’t accidentaly drop their precious gadget while underwater.

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The Pro Line Kit also ships with both a flat lens and a 110-degree wide angle model. These lenses attach to the outside of the case and should greatly extend the versatility of the iPhone’s built-in glasss without compromising the protection it provides in any way. The add-on lenses should also improve the camera’s performance by taking clearer, and more dynamic photos, while underwater too. 

Watershot has also designed a custom app to be used specifically with their case. The software collects a number of popular camera features under one umbrella, making it easy to quickly adjust settings, switch from the forward and backward facing cameras, and even share images with friends via social media.

The Watershot Pro Line Kit  for iPhone 6 sells for $189.99. It is also available for both the iPhone 5 and 5S, as well as the iPhone 4, for $109.99 and $99.99 respectively.