New All-in-One Sleep System Combines Tent, Sleeping Bag, and Sleeping Pad

New All-in-One Sleep System Combines Tent, Sleeping Bag, and Sleeping Pad


The three essential elements for getting a good night’s sleep in the backcountry are a tent, sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad. Each plays a role in your overall comfort, and most of us carry each of those items with us when we go camping. But a new Swiss company called Polarmond has taken an innovative new approach to how we sleep while in the wilderness, combining all three of those items into a single product designed for efficiency and ease of use. 

The aptly named All-In-One sleep system is built to comfortably hold a single person inside what Polarmond calls the sleep shell. The outside of that shell is made from waterproof – yet highly breathable – fabrics that are designed to resist wind and rain, yet allow water vapor to escape the interior of the structure. This helps to create a comfortable climate inside the shelter, even when the weather outside isn’t necessarily the best. In fact, the company says that the All-In-One is rated to keep campers warm to temperatures as low as -22ºF, which makes this an intriguing option for winter camping. 


Inside the sleep chamber is a warm, moisture wicking liner that serves as a blanket of sorts. This liner works in conjunction with the shell to create a warm space in which to sleep. This eliminates the need to carry a sleeping bag altogether, and allows the person inside the All-in-One to move about more freely, rolling around as if they were in bed at home, without having to sacrifice comfort in any way. 

The third element that makes up the sleep system is the sleeping pad, which Polarmond has integrated directly into the floor of the tent. This prevents it from moving about at all, and provides comfort no matter where you are inside the chamber. Best of all, both the bad and the liner can be removed from the shell, allowing each piece to be used independently of one another, or in any combination as needed. polarmond3

The All-In-One has been designed to accommodate a variety of sleep styles and environments. The basic model ships with just a hood that is not unlike those found on standard mummy bags. This keeps the head covered, but leaves the face exposed to wind, rain, snow, and other items. Customers can add a small chamber that fits over the top of the All-In-One however that provides more protection from the elements, or they can opt for a larger tent-like structure that actually provides some room for them to store gear and move about to a degree. Both options add extra protection of course, but bring additional weight and bulk as well. 

Speaking of which, the All-In-One certainly isn’t lightweight. The basic model tips the scales between 8.6 and 9.5 pounds depending on the sleeping pad selected. Adding the smaller shelter increases that weigh to 9-9.9 pounds, while the larger tent-like structure brings it up to 10.6-11.5 pounds. That is certainly on the heavier side compared to carrying a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad individually, although those products can get larger and bulkier as well when they are designed to operate in colder temperatures. Then again, the All-In-One would still provide an overall higher level of comfort with all of its integrated pieces, and is meant to be more efficient since everything works together seamlessly. 


Polarmond hasn’t announced pricing for the product yet, but it has said that it will begin shipping in early 2016. The company has also revealed that it is working on a multi-person version of the All-In-One as well, allowing backpackers to connect their sleep systems together in some way. This would make sleeping in the little pod a bit more communal, which is still an important part of camping.