MSR Reactor stove: Best in Wind

MSR Reactor stove: Best in Wind

In a head-to-head test with the Jetboil Flash, MSR Reactor gets the nod from in breezy conditions


Max Neale and Chris McNamara at have published a nice review of the MSR Reactor stove—a highly wind-resistant, heat exchanger stove for ultra-fast water boiling. The review doesn’t say how the Reactor was tested, but does mention that in a head-to-head test against the Jetboil Flash in a gentle breeze, the Reactor really stood out. “The Reactor is the world’s first windproof stove. In an 8mph wind this system boiled a liter of water in 3:16, embarrassing the hugely popular Jetboil Flash, which limped in at 8:44,” Neale writes. Downsides of the stove, the team points out, are it’s poor performance as a cookstove (like all heat-exchanger stoves it isn’t well-suited for cooking solid meals) and it’s high price.

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