Mountainsmith to Launch New Lumbar Packs

Mountainsmith to Launch New Lumbar Packs


Gear manufacturer Mountainsmith makes a little bit of everything for our outdoor adventures, including backpacks, tents, and trekking poles. The company even makes sleeping bags, duffels, and daypacks for our canine companions. But perhaps the most iconic product in the Mountainsmith catalog is their lumbar packs, which have been a mainstay in the company’s line-up for more than 35 years.

Whether you’re hitting the trail, setting off for a foreign country, or simply exploring your own hometown, these packs provide a convenient way to carry extra gear on those excursions. They are large enough to haul most things you’ll need for a full day out – including snacks, water, and a smartphone – without all of the bulk that can come with a traditional daypack. This has led to the Mountainsmith lumbar packs gaining a loyal following amongst outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom rarely leave home without one. 

Recently, Mountainsmith announced a revamp of their lumbar pack line, with a sharp focus on improving both utility and durability. The new designs look to add modern touches to these packs, while incorporating Cordura fabrics to add to their already bomb-proof construction. Here are a few of the new packs that we can expect to see in the near future. 


Tour ($79.95)
This is the classic Mountainsmith lumbar pack that started it all more than 35 years ago. Updated with modern fabrics and design elements, including a padded sleeve for carrying a tablet, the Tour is a bag that is suitable for use in a number of environments, including both the trail and urban destinations. 


Day ($89.95)
Another classic product from the Mountainsmith catalog, the Day pack is spacious, comfortable, and built for adventure. This is one of the packs that will see improved levels of durability thanks to the inclusion of Cordura fabrics. 


Drift ($49.95)
Compact and lightweight, the Drift pack is large enough to carry snacks, a drink, and an extra layer of clothing for those “just in case” moments on a day out. This pack also features a tuck-away waist belt, and a strap that quickly and efficiently converts it into an over-the-shoulder bag too.


Vibe ($29.95)
Small, but surprisingly spacious, the Vibe gives users the ability to keep small items well organized and close at hand. Perfect for light hiking, running errands around town, or traveling to far off places, this affordable pack is likely to be a favorite with outdoor enthusiasts. 

These new packs, along with several others, are expected to officially debut at Outdoor Retailer in a few weeks, and be available for purchase in early 2016.