More Outdoorists Logging onto Yonder as Instagram Wanders

More Outdoorists Logging onto Yonder as Instagram Wanders


As Instagram continues to proliferate with sponsored posts, pictures of people’s kids going back to school and now the time-wasting “Stories” in an attempt to capture marketshare from SnapChat, a new social media channel devoted exclusively to core outdoor users is gaining popularity.

Now boasting more than a half million users, Yonder eliminates the puppies, lattes, and useless offspring looking pointlessly adorable from your social media feed and allows you to focus entirely on obsessing over like-minded people who are doing like-minded activities outside.

Yonder posts are handily categorized under 25 select endurance activities, from skiing to wildlife photography, organized by nearby trending experiences and top destinations. It’s purpose-built for sharing wilderness wanderings, summit shots, singletrack, and dawn patrol with users as stoked on the outdoors as you are. Like other social apps, it’s aspirational and inspirational in a vibrant, user-driven online community. 

The core categories are adventure travel, ski, climb, yoga, hike, outdoor, and even equestrian, which works well, considering the platform was recently purchased by Active Interest Media…publishers of Ski, Skiing, Backpacker, Warren Miller, Yoga Journal and other titles by which they are beginning to flow high-quality content through the app. 

It’s packed with geo-locating features allowing you to search locations by region, parks, towns, activities, and of course, hashtags, laying out a personalized menu of sorts for both accessible and strictly aspirational adventures. 

It also works into the current trend of consumers getting out and exploring on their own, no matter where they find themselves, with less curation by the establishment; and Yonder and other online resources like Outbound Collective and Roots Rated are playing toward this new adventure model. Think of a Yelp for the outdoors.

Better yet, there’s an extremely high level of engagement, and “Yonderers” are very responsive to what is going out on the platform. It’s much more PG, and PC, than Instagram, and much less political than Facebook. People are finding social community in the new digital landscape through Yonder that they’re not finding on these other platforms, and while it’s always good to disengage from your device outdoors, this one may just get the #GIStoke #ThumbsUp.