Mophie Space Pack 1
California-based Mophie has already had remarkable success with their Juice iPhone cases, which add a modest layer of protection and a reassuring boost to your device’s longevity thanks to the ancillary battery pack. But this March they’re upping the game by providing expanded storage capacity alongside all that extra juice. The new Space Pack will offer iPhone 5 and 5s owners the ability to boost their storage by an additional 16 or 32 gigs. That means you can easily shoot—and store—16,000 more photos, and more than 14 hours of video (as well as upload an additional 9,140 songs). Pre-order now ($150 for 16GB, $180 for 32). The new products ship in March. Just don’t flood your social outlets with all your photos and videos at once, please…
—Nathan Borchelt

Mophie Space Pack 2