Meet The Urban Messenger Bag Designed For Every Aspect of Your Life

Meet The Urban Messenger Bag Designed For Every Aspect of Your Life


Lets face it, there are hundreds of messenger bags on the market today, all coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. To truly stand out from the crowd a bag of this kind has to offer something completely unique from its competitors. This is a concept that the designers at Witology took to heart when they created the Urban C-Series of packs, and in the process they developed a messenger bag that is well suited for life in the 21st century. 

The C-Series messenger bag has its own unique look that helps to set it apart from the competition. There certainly won’t be any mix-ups at the security line at the airport while carrying this bag, as it is doubtful that anyone else will have one that even remotely resembles it. Inside, the pack is outfitted with plenty of organizational compartments, including pockets designed specifically to hold a phone, a tablet, and a laptop. There are also two A4 pockets that are made for safely transporting important documents, and an external front pocket that is large enough to carry an extra pair of shoes. On the strap you’ll even find a pouch that contains slots to hold two credit cards, and a pocket for some cash too. 


Those features are all nicely thought out, and very convenient of course, but they hardly help to make the Urban C-Series all that different from a lot of the other the messenger bags on the market. But Witology has hidden a few high tech secrets in their product that help to give it an edge. For example, it has an integrated 20,000 mAh battery – complete with built in Apple lightning and standard USB cables – for recharging an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. 

The bag also comes equipped with Bluetooth technology that connects to your smartphone, unlocking a host of additional features that are activated by a button built into the removable smart strap. That button allows the owner of the C-Series bag to take a selfie, record video or voice notes, or find their phone when it has been misplaced. Each of these features is configured using a special app that is available for free in both the iOS and Android app stores. 


As if that wasn’t enough, the C-Series even comes equipped with a couple of handy lights. On the outside of the pack, there is a blue LED that surrounds the bag’s unique magnetic locking system, which is a pretty cool asset in and of itself. The light helps to make the wearer more visible when riding their bike or walking in the dark, bring an extra measure of safety that isn’t found in other messenger bags. Internally, there is a row of white LED’s that allow you to see inside the bag at night, which can come in very handy when searching for things like keys or a wallet. 

The Urban C-Series is made of durable fabrics that have a DWR treatment to help repel moisture, and it comes with a removable sling pack too. It has been designed from the ground up to integrate nicely into your life, with features that make it great for travel, commuting to work, going to the gym, or heading out to meet friends on the town. 


Witology has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to bring ths bag to market sometime in March of next year. Unfortunately, with 12 days left to go, they’ve only raised about 10% of their goal, so it is unclear if this pack will see the light of day. Hopefully the company will find some way to produce it, as it truly looks like an innovative product.

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