Meet the First True No-Mess Travel Coffee Press

Meet the First True No-Mess Travel Coffee Press


The Pascal Press offers a unique new design that finally delivers what we’ve all been looking for in a portable brewing mug. This little device uses some clever physics to filter hot water through the grounds only one time, while then managing to separate the two once and for all. The result is a delicious filtered coffee or tea on top, and a separate and easy to clean deposit of grounds on the bottom.

The Pascal Press is so simple, it’s a surprise no one has thought of it before. The secret is straightforward nesting tubes that work like a plunger. As you press the smaller tube down into the larger one, it forces the mixture of grounds and hot water through a filter at the bottom. The filter catches the grounds, while the hot coffee shoots up a narrow metal tube located in the center, eventually filling the chamber that you actually drink from.


There are several great advantages to this system over others. First, the inner and outer tubes form a small, insulated barrier to keep your coffee warm longer. Secondly, the grounds that are trapped at the bottom are as dry as dry can possibly get because there is a small space between them and the bottom. Third, the system fully comes apart for easy cleaning and fast drying. And finally, the entire Pascal Press is fully watertight so you can toss it in your bag without fear of it leaking.

At this point, the Pascal Press is still in its Kickstarter phase, and carries a $28 USD early-bird price tag. The designers of this gadget are seeking a little more than $31,000 to get it into production, and it is slowly chugging along towards that goal. For more details, check out the link above, and get yourself one before they’re all gone!