Meet the Electric Bike Built Tough Enough for Rambo

Meet the Electric Bike Built Tough Enough for Rambo


Awhile back we took a spin on an electric mountain bike, and found it to be a fun ride, even though it detracted a bit from the true mountain biking experience. For many of us, the joy of riding off-road comes from the challenge of climbing tough hills, then bombing down the other side at breakneck speeds content with the knowledge that we conquered the hill. But with an e-bike those climbs get a lot easier, taking away from the satisfaction of the ride to a degree. Plus, tha additional weight of the bike made riding it without engaging the electric drive an almost untenable affair, even on completely flat surfaces.

But what if you weren’t setting out into the backcountry for a typical mountain biking experience? What if instead your bike is simply a means of transportation to get out into the wild for a completely different type of activity? In that case, an electric mountain bike is a great option that can open up new avenues that might not have been so easily accessible before. That is the exact premise behind Rambo Bikes, which are made specifically with hunters and anglers in mind. 


Before we go too far, it is important to point out that Rambo makes both pedal powered and e-bikes. Their electric model is the R750C, which comes equipped with 750 watt motor that is powered by a 2600 mAh battery. This gives the bike a range of about 19 miles without the need to pedal at all. That range can be extended dramatically by pedaling it at the same time. In contrast, the R35C is a more standard fat tire bike that does away with the electric drive system and battery, shedding more than 24 pounds off the weight of its counterpart in the process. The bikes carry $2895 and $1195 price tags respectively, with a $100 premium if you want to add a camo paint job. 

Both models have features that will appeal to the outdoor enthusiast beyond just being fun to ride on a trail. For instance, since they each come equipped with fat tires they are built to handle mud, snow, sand, and variety of other surfaces that other bikes would struggle on. Both also feature heavy-duty frames that can be equipped with mounts to hold a gun or a bow securely in place, and both are designed to pull Rambo’s purpose-built aluminum handcart too. This allows riders to set out into the backcountry not just with what they can carry in their backpack, but all the equipment they’ll need for hunting and fishing too. 


Either model will serve riders well in getting them to remote campsites, hunting spots, or fishing holes of course, but the electric version is especially well suited for that purpose. It’s 19 mile range is enough to generally get you in and out of the backcountry, with plenty of power to spare. And unlike some e-bikes – which only offer pedal assist – the R750C actually has a throttle that can be used as often as you need it. The bike tops out at a speed of 20 mph using the electric drive alone, which is a fairly quick pace for rough jeep roads and singletrack trails. As already mentioned, the 19 mile range can also be extended significantly by pedaling as well. 

Built to survive in rugged, demanding conditions, the Rambo bikes are meant to be used and abused on your outdoor adventures. They include components from the likes of SRAM, Shimano, and Bafang, all of which have been selected not only for their reliability, but ease of maintenance and repair too. The whole point of these bikes is to provide you with dependable transportation to and from your favorite hunting or fishing spots, where you’re generally more concerned with getting in and out as quickly and safely as possible rather than simply enjoying the ride. In those situations, these bikes work exceptionally well.

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