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I’ve spent numerous years picking apart first aid kits and collecting bits and pieces to create my own survival kit, which I call my “Everywhere Carry Pouch.” It goes wherever I go and has everything I need to get by when the going gets tough. I took it upon myself to create this kit because, at the time, there wasn’t anything off-the-shelf that really satisfied me in the marketplace. So, leave it to Survive Outdoors Longer to launch their Traverse survival kit within months of me finally being content with my own homegrown kit. Sigh. AND IT’S ONLY $20!

The Traverse kit aims at the core of our survival needs by providing supplies to address water, whelter, fire, and signaling requirements, and it does this all while keeping any unnecessary nonsense and bulk out of the kit. Housed in the compact and lightweight aluminum tin you’ll find the following:

1 60” x 84” Heatsheets Emergency Blanket
1 Liter, Sterile Water Bag
2 Micropur Purification Tablets
1 Spark-Lite Firestarter
4 Tinder Quik Firestarters
1 Mini Rescue Howler Whislte
1 26” x 2” Mini Roll of Duct Tape
1 Safety Pin
1 Instruction and Tip Manual

0140-1767 sol traverse open

The only thing that the SOL Traverse kit is lacking is thread for sewing and fishing, but otherwise, you’ve got yourself a solid standalone survival kit, or a seriously impressive core to build your own kit around.

Keeping with my method of being brutally honest and upfront with you folks, I literally took everything out of the Traverse tin and put it into my pouch, even replacing some stuff I previously had collected. The quality of SOL’s bits and pieces is seriously impressive – especially when considering the Traverse kit is only $20. What’s more, SOL offers a bunch of different supporting medical and survival products which ultimately makes it easy for you to replenish supplies or expand your possibilities.