Maven: Custom Optics for the Masses

Maven: Custom Optics for the Masses

When Brunton’s new corporate owners decided to focus solely on portable power devices, the designers of their critically acclaimed optics were left without a brand to support their ideas.

Those designers opted to keep designing, however, by creating Maven Outdoor Equipment Co. This brand new brand based their name on the extensive experience of their founders. Webster defines Maven as:
1. A trusted expert
2. One with knowledge based on accumulation of experience.

Maven’s experienced optics designers developed a series of high-end binoculars that are sold only through direct-to-consumers online channels. By avoiding the middleman in the retail process, Maven minimizes sales costs, meaning customers get ultra-premium binoculars at a reasonable price.

During preliminary field-testing of the mid-sized B1 series I found the 8×42 glasses provided remarkably clear viewing of rutting elk during Idaho’s early bow season. They also excelled when used for bird-watching in grey northwest autumn outings around the Puget Sound lowlands. The field of view is crystal clear edge-to-edge even in the low-light of dawn scouting. The view through the B1s also seemed to be brighter and clearer than that offered by similarly sized premium glasses from Zeiss, Nikon, and Swarovski.

In addition to keeping prices down, another benefit of the online-only sales of Maven’s optics is the ability to customize every pair of binoculars sold. Customers can choose the models, magnification power and color accents in a number of places on the glasses.

Currently, Maven offers only the 8×42 mid-sized B1 model, but soon customers will find both 8- and 10-power versions of the B1 as well as full-sized B2 and compact B3 versions.

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