Manfrotto Introduces a Backpack Designed to Carry a Drone

Manfrotto Introduces a Backpack Designed to Carry a Drone


If you’re a professional photographer or filmmaker who uses a drone as part of your work, you’ve no  doubt struggled at times to find an elegant solution for carrying all of your gear with you to a location for a photo shoot. After all, it isn’t easy to lug cameras, lenses, a tripod and other equipment to a remote location, let alone a fragile remote controlled aircraft. Fortunately, Manfrotto – a company that specializes in making gear for photographers – is here to help with a new line of bags designed specifically with drone owners in mind. 

The newly announced D1 Drone Backpack has been designed to accommodate quadcopters like the DJI Phantom line of drones. The pack has a special pocket that is large enough to hold just such a UAV with its propellers removed, making it easier to safely carry the drone to the site of the photo shoot, and then assemble it there. And once the propellers are in place, the D1 includes attachment loops to secure the drone to the outside of the pack, making it easy to carry over rough terrain, while also still protecting the other contents of the bag. 


As with Manfrotto’s other backpacks, the D1 has also been designed to safely carry camera equipment as well. It features room for a DSLR body, two lenses, and a full-size tripod. It also has a dedicated laptop sleeve capable of carrying a 17″ notebook, a tablet sleeve, and a media compartment to help keep extras such as memory cards, lens filters, and spare batteries organized too. There is even enough room to store a drone’s remote control and extra accessories when not in use as well. 

Made from durable, water-resistant fabrics, Manfrotto says that the D1 is the first in its new Aviator Collection. Other drone-centric packs are expected to follow, possibly with the capacity to carry larger quadcopters and more photography equipment. 

The D1 Drone Backpack costs $199.99 and is available to order now. Find out more at