Look Good While Listening to Tunes on Your Mountain Bike

Look Good While Listening to Tunes on Your Mountain Bike


Club Ride
Club Ride is continuing its mission to give mountain bikers technical trail gear that looks good on, and off the bike with the new Phantasm jersey and Cargo fade shorts.

The Phantasm is a long sleeve jersey made from a wicking, quick-dry material with an anti-microbial treatment to keep it from stinkin’ up the joint after a hard ride. It has UPF 20 sun protection and a zip pocket in the back to hold your essentials if you take off without your pack.

CargoAway Cobalt Surf

The Cargo Fade shorts take traditional board shorts and make them relevant to mountain bikers by including a zip thigh pocket and quick release waist adjustment system. The shorts are made from a lightweight but durable water-resistant fabric that has just enough stretch so they won’t bind up when you drop back behind the saddle and a fading stripe pattern that will make you look cool whether you’re eating dirt on the ride or dinner afterwards.

The Phantasm has an MSRP of $54.95 and the Cargo Fade is $79.95. Both will be available in October at www.clubrideapparel.com.


Good products solve problems. Great products alleviate dilemmas – like the one I’ve always had about wanting to listen to music when I’m riding but recognizing the importance of keeping an ear out for other people on the trail.

Redfox crushed that particular dilemma with its Rover IPX7 Bluetooth speaker. Available with a variety of mounting systems that allow you to place it on your bike, stroller, boat, SUP, or anywhere else you might want to listen to music.

The Rover is encased in a rugged rubberized shell that features built-in volume and track controls as well as a microphone that allows for Siri and Google voice integration. And because it’s completely waterproof, the Rover can also mask the sounds of my singing in the shower – which might very well be it’s most impressive accomplishment of all.

The Rover is $99.99 and is available now at www.redfoxwireless.com.