Light Up the Campsite the Old Fashioned Way with the Snowpeak Mini Flame

Light Up the Campsite the Old Fashioned Way with the Snowpeak Mini Flame

snowpeak-mini-flame-3Over the years, Snowpeak has built itself a reputation for creating some of the most unique, functional, and downright beautiful camping gear. The Japanese company has always been known to deliver both form and function in everything it makes, ranging from classic Titanium Spork to its impressive array of tents. Now, it has has continued this legacy with a new camp light that is both simple and elegant at the same time. 

The new Mini Flame lantern moves away from the LED lights and rechargeable batteries that have become so common in the camp lighting space in recent years. Instead, it uses a fuel canister to provide gas to ignite a small flame that won’t engulf your campsite with hundreds of lumens of light, but will instead offer the wonderfully magical ambient lighting that was more common in days gone by.


Made of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and brass, the Mini Flame is a throwback in more ways than one. It measures just 4.7 inches in length, and weighs in at a miniscule 3.88 ounces, without the fuel canister of course. Snowpeak recommends using the lantern with the nearly spent fuel cells from your cook stove, saying that it can provide 15-35 hours of burn time depending on the type and amount of gas remaining. 

Lightweight backpackers are sure to love this tiny lantern, but it will probably hold a certain appeal with those of us who are looking to escape modern life and leave some technology behind for a while. Unlike most of the camp lights we’ve seen in recent years, this one doesn’t do anything but create a gentle, warm light that is perfect for any outdoor setting. And since it costs just $39.95, it won’t have a massive impact on your budget either. 

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