LifeStraw Offers Two New Ways to Purify Your Drinking Water

LifeStraw Offers Two New Ways to Purify Your Drinking Water


Over the past few years, the revolutionary Lifestraw has allowed travelers, backpackers, and people living in developing countries to get clean drinking water in places where it hasn’t always been readily available. But the use of the straw isn’t always convenient depending on where you go, which is why the company went back to the drawing board to create two new products that incorporate their water purification system in more consumer friendly designs.


The first of those products is the new Go water bottle ($34.95), which incorporates a filter directly into a Tritan sports bottle. The Go’s built in purification system gives you the ability to fill it up just about anywhere without fear of negative consequences. That’s because the bottle’s built-in straw has the ability to filter 99.9 percent of bacteria and protozoa out of the water, including E-Coli and Giardia, making it an excellent travel companion.


For larger groups, the Mission gravity powered purifier might be a more efficient option. This is a high-volume purifier designed for camping, backpacking, or expeditions to remote regions that is capable of filtering large amounts of water quickly and easily. The Mission is highly packable and is available in 5L ($144.95) and 12L ($154.95) versions that are also capable of removing bacteria and protozoa, as well as 99.9 percent of all waterborne viruses.

Both the Go bottle and Mission purifier are available at And by making sure that you’re always drinking clean water, you’re also helping others have the same opportunity. That’s because for every water filter purchased, Lifestraw provides a child in Africa with clean drinking water for an entire year. Which makes these products a pretty damn good investment all around.