Lib-Tech, Ride Introduce Limited Edition Snowboards

Lib-Tech, Ride Introduce Limited Edition Snowboards

Lots of good snowboard technology comes out of the Pacific Northwest. And two of Washington’s finest, Lib Tech and Ride, are introducing special limited edition models that tie into ongoing media projects.

Lib Tech’s “The Art of Flight” T. Rice C2 Power Banana is basically a reworked C2BTX board with new art from Mike Parillo available in a 161.5 centimeter twin powder board, and 153 to 157 centimeter jib shapes. Financed primarily by Red Bull, Rice is the star of The Art of Flight, and anybody who buys one of the limited edition boards gets a copy of the film and a companion book. “I’ve never heard of a snowboard package this awesome,” said Rice.

While over at Ride, Mike Aho has created new artwork for the latest iteration of the DH2.6 snowboard. Aho, who is art director of marketing for Volcom Clothing, created what is the sixth of seven limited artist series designs for the DH2 line of boards. A twin shape with rocker in the tip and tail, the DH2.6 also features Ride’s proprietary Pop Rods for spring and lift.

And because we also really just wanted an excuse to talk about Rice’s awesome film, here is a link to a trailer from The Art of Flight.