The Warmest, Lightest, Most Affordable Sleeping Pad Ever?

The Warmest, Lightest, Most Affordable Sleeping Pad Ever?


The spring camping season has arrived at last, and to celebrate Klymit is adding two new sleeping pads to its line-up. The company – which offers an array of solutions to help us sleep better in the backcountry – says that both pads were designed for multi-seasonal use and are meant to provide a high level of comfort at an affordable price. 

The first of these new product is the Insulated Static V Lite, which is billed as the warmest and lightest sleeping pad on the market for under $100. Weighing in at just 19 oz., the Static V Lite has an R-Value of 4.4. That number is an indication of the pad’s ability to resist heat loss, which is impressive considering its weight and price tag. 

ISV Lite isometric

The other new addition to the Klymit catalog is the Insulated Static V Luxe, which the company says is the warmest and most comfortable sleeping pad it currently offers. At 30 inches wide and 76 inches in length, this product is meant for the backcountry camper who values a good night sleep over shaving a few ounces off of his packweight. Tipping the scales at 35 oz. – and offering an R-Value of 5 – the insulated edition of the popular Static V Luxe should perform well on all but the coldest of camping trips. 

Both sleeping pads incorporate Klymit’s signature body mapping technology designed to help campers sleep better. The two products are scheduled to ship to gear stores around mid-April, with the lighter model carrying a price tag of $99.95, while its larger sibling will cost $129.95.