Kletterwerks Kelter Flip Backpack 2
As the profusion of ‘80s and ‘90s-influenced ski apparel illustrates, in fashion what’s old is always destined to become new. Yet sometimes a classic can hurdle the occasional fad and becomes a true icon. Of course it helps if the product design dates back to 1975, which is when designer Dana Gleason founded Kletterwerks, introducing five outdoor-specific packs that have firmly stood the test of time. Now that Dana (formerly of Dana Designs) has moved onto Mystery Ranch, the Kletterwerks brand and the original models have been re-introduced by his son. Bags like the Kletter Flip—their flagship backpack—have been given a few contemporary upgrades like a roomy padded laptop sleeve, reinforced bottom and handle fabrics, and densified urethane foam shoulder pads. But the rest of the pack is unabashedly the same, from the big, burly zippers and the wide flip-top opening to the side straps, a roomy zippered top pocket, and a cavernous 22 liters of storage, all of it constructed in old school 1000D Cordura nylon. If you’re a hyper organizer in love with internal organizational options, this ain’t the pack for you. And for $229 the price seems high for such a simple pack. But then, stylish simplicity is precisely the point.
—Nathan Borchelt

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