Key-Bar: The Evolution Of Key Carrying

Key-Bar: The Evolution Of Key Carrying

In our modern lives, each of us carries different things that get us through our days. But the one thing we all seem to carry is a set of keys. Some of us carry the bare essentials while others have a full cornucopia of keys and even multiple key chains shoved into our pockets and purses.  Regardless of the volume of its contents, the common key ring is something most Americans cannot live without.

While technology has pushed massive changes in much of the rest of our lives, there has been little innovation in form or function to the key ring. Until now. Enter an innovation known as the “Key-Bar.” Its creator claims the Key-Bar is “a simple solution for an everyday problem.”

I found the Key-Bar eliminates three factors associated with carrying keys: The clutter in my pockets; the probability of losing those keys; and the noise they make when I am carrying them. It solves these problems by eliminating the core of the issue— the key ring, itself. The Key-Bar replaces the old ring with a key-carrying multi-tool, complete with pocket clip so I could physically connect my collection of keys to my pocket, purse, etc. The tool measures only 3-1/2 inch long and less than 1 inch wide when fully expanded.


The Key-Bar further addresses my key-carrying hassle but making me reassess what keys I carry. If my calculations are correct, after spending some time configuring their positions, I could probably fit ten to twelve keys on the tool. This does not include my car key and key fob, which can hang off the end on a specially designed link. Technically speaking, I could hang a key ring off of this link and, in essence, use the Key-Bar as a key-wielding key chain in a congregation of multiple Key-Bars, key chains and key rings. But that really eliminates the whole point of the system. The Key-Bar was designed to solve problems, not create them—physical or mental.

After a week of use, the only “problem” I have with the Key-Bar is that it allows for a high level of customization. This all starts with the option of choosing the materials it is made from, progressing through adding specific tools, and it doesn’t end until you’re completely satisfied. Possible add-ons, which can be selected when ordering through the Key-Bar website, include items like thumb drives and multi-tool accessories and blades.

For my configuration, I narrowed my keys down from nine to five (stop singing the song in your head). Fitting them on one side, I dedicated the other side to my key fob and a glowing bead (so I can locate the Key-Bar in the dark). In a society where personal customization is paramount, this little beauty fits right in.


The Key-Bar has revolutionized my left hip pocket. Not only is it compact and quiet, but it’s a well-organized tool. It took me less than a day to get accustomed to the position of my keys, and to the fact that when I pull them out of my pocket I need to take the extra step to pull the right key out. It also provided a little bit of a spiritual awakening – In my mind, all of the keys I was carrying served a purpose, but – well, obviously they didn’t. I even found out that I had a key to my in-law’s house on my key ring. Talk about an adventure.

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