Kelty Wants to Help You Sleep Better in the Backcountry

Kelty Wants to Help You Sleep Better in the Backcountry


For spring 2016, venerable camping gear company Kelty is going to great lengths to reinvent itself in an effort to appeal to a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. The company, which has long been known for quality gear at affordable prices, plans to ship updated versions of its classic Redwing backpack, as well as introduce its all-new Versant collection of bags and outdoor furniture, which is squarely aimed at the emerging urban adventurer market. But perhaps most interesting of all is Kelty’s new Tru.Comfort line of sleeping bags, which promises to provide new options for keeping us comfortable on our nights spent in the backcountry. 

The Tru.Comfort features a traditional mummy bag design that has been expanded to provide more room for the person inside. Many people appreciate the level of warmth that a mummy bag provides, but don’t enjoy how it can restrict their ability to easily move in their sleep. Kelty has overcome this issue by designing a bag that offers copious amounts of space, but doesn’t sacrifice warmth in the process. The result is that campers can now roll over on their sides without taking the entire sleeping bag with them. 


This synthetic bag has a number of other nice features that casual and car campers are sure to love. For instance, it includes a unique two-layer blanket system that gives the person using it greater control over temperature regulation. And if you happen to be one of those people who tends to get overly warm at night you’ll probably appreciate the ability to unzip the bag’s lower section, which provides increased venting and gives you the ability to stick your feet out of the bag. There is even an overly large hood capable of accepting a full-sized pillow that comes right off your bed from home. 

Kelty has designed the Tru.Comfort with men, women, and even small children in mind. That means when it ships next year, there will be specific models for each of those individuals. The bags will come with two different temperature ratings as well, and in a variety of colors too. The 20ºF (-6ºC) model will cost $119, while the 35ºF (2ºC) version will set you back $109. Look for them to hit stores starting in April or May of next year.