Keep Your Pup Safe With a Dog-Specific First Aid Kit

Keep Your Pup Safe With a Dog-Specific First Aid Kit

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If you’re an active traveler or outdoor enthusiast you’re probably aware of Adventure Medical Kits. They make an array of great first aid kits for travel, backpacking, adventure racing, mountaineering, and a host of other activities. These packs come pre-built with all of the things you need to stay to treat injuries or illness while away from home, and the company even offers inexpensive refills for when you start to run low on supplies. The AMK kits are so good, that their Smart Travel model has become a piece of mandatory gear that I always take with me whenever I hit the road. 

Knowing that many of us take our dogs with us when we head out to the backcountry, AMK has now created a first aid kit specifically with our furry friends in mind. The new Adventure Dog series includes three different products, all of which have been specifically tailored to keep our pups healthy and safe no matter where we take them. For instance, the compact Heeler medical kit costs just $10 and is designed for use in the backyard, the dog park, or on a local trail. On the other hand, the $25 Trail Dog isn’t quite as small, but it comes with just about everything you could possibly need to care for your pup should the need arise. AMK even offers the Me & My Dog kit, which retails for $50 and has medical supplies for both you and your pet. 

Recently, I got my hands on the standard Trail Dog model, and was very impressed with what I saw. The kit really does have some very useful items packed into it, including a tool for removing ticks or splinters from your dogs feet, bandages that are designed to work with fur, and a special triangular bandage that doubles as a muzzle prior to administering first aid on your canine friend.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg however, and there is a lot more to be found inside the durable and lightweight first aid kit bag. The full contents of the kit are as follows:

Wound Care
2 – Sterile Gauze Dressing, 3″ x 3″, Pkg./2
2 – Sterile Non-Adherent Dressing, 2″ x 3″
1 – Conforming Gauze Bandage, 2″
1 – Irrigation Syringe, 10cc. with 18 Gauge Tip
1 – Saline Wound & Eye Wash
1 – Elastic Bandage Self Adhering, 2″
3 – Triple Antibiotic Ointment
6 – Antiseptic Wipe
2 – Alcohol Swab
Sprain / Strain
1 – Triangular Bandage (See Instructions For use As Muzzle

Medical Instruction / Instruments
1 – Pet First Aid Manual
1 – Splinter Picker / Tick Remover Forceps
1 – Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, 1 oz. (To Induce Vomiting)

Medication (When Giving To Animals, Only Give Doses Prescribed by Veterinarian)
2 – Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg.), Pkg./1

If you happen to have an adventure dog in your life who likes to accompany you on your outdoor excursions, the Trail Dog from Adventure Medical Kits is a great investment towards keeping your four-footed friend healthy. The $25 price tag seems like a small price to pay considering everything that is included, and the piece of mind you’ll gain from having this kit with you in case of an emergency is priceless.

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