Keep Your Laptop Secure With This Ultra-Slim Backpack

Keep Your Laptop Secure With This Ultra-Slim Backpack

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Do you have to carry a laptop with you on your daily commute, but don’t particularly like carrying a large, bulky messenger bag or backpack? Hate to advertise that you’re even carrying a laptop at all? If you answered yes to either of those questions, than you’ll want to check out the new Under-the-Jack Pack from a company called Betabrand. It offers a stealthy way to carry your notebook that can keep it well hidden from prying eyes. 

Available in two sizes – one that accommodates a 13″ laptop and the other a 15″ model – this incredibly slim bag is actually designed to fit under your jacket. This keeps it out of site from would-be thieves, as well as other commuters or travelers. The bag is just 1.5″ thick, and comes with padded shoulder straps and a backside strap to help dial in a comfortable fit. It also features two zippered compartments, one for the laptop itself, and the other for a charger, smartphone, or other accessories. 

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With its ultra-slim design the Under-the-Jack Pack will allow you to carry your valuable laptop with you anywhere you go without fear. In fact, it is so well hidden that chances are no one will even know you have it on you unless you take your jacket off. This makes it a great option not only for daily commuters, but travelers too.

The product is currently in the crowdfunding phase of its development, but according to Betabrand it is already 180% funded. It is expected to carry a price tag of $78 when it actually begins shipping, but you can preorder one now at 10% off. That seems like an inexpensive way to protect a very expensive and important item. 

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