Keep your camera rolling with All Day power

Keep your camera rolling with All Day power

GoPro dominates the action cam market. As proof of that, the GoPro Hero 3 Black earned Gear Institute’s highly desired Best in Class honors in 2014.

Brunton product designers recognized GoPro’s dominance in the marketplace but they also made note of the camera’s one glaring weakness: Its short battery life.

Brunton All-Day-2Shooting at highest resolution with the Bluetooth-linked smartphone app, the Hero 3 drains its standard rechargeable battery in less than 90 minutes.

Enter Brunton. The Brunton team, seeing a need for backcountry photographers who spend more than a couple hours at a time in the field, created the All Day for GoPro users.


The All Day replaces both the battery and the back panel of the GoPro waterproof housing to create a clean package that powers a Hero 3+ for up to 6 hours shooting at full resolution while using the camera’s Bluetooth tools. The fit is secure and weather-tight. And the battery can be charged while still attached to the camera.

The All Day proved to feels a bit heavy when used on a camera that’s attached to a helmet or extension pole, but the 4-ounce All Day actually helps stabilize the GoPro when mounted on my drift boat or pack frame. And the weight is certainly a reasonable trade-off for 4 times more shooting time.  The All Day’s $50 price