Introducing Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Stand Series

Introducing Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Stand Series


There’s something about sleeping in a hammock that really can’t be conveyed unless you’ve actually done it. The obvious benefit is that you’re up off the ground, which keeps you dryer, warmer, and safer from any wayward critters that might be rummaging about at night. But what really draws people in is just how comfortable the modern camping hammock has become. In fact, I’d venture to guess that they’re better than your memory foam mattress and flannel sheets these days. The only downside to sleeping in a hammock is finding a place to hang it. True, this isn’t an issue when you’re in the woods – but like I said, sleeping in a hammock can become a bit of an addiction. The hammock life is the good life.

The folks at Eagles Nest Outfitters understand this addiction all too well since they’re one of the leading camping hammock makers in the market today. For 2016, they have launched a line of new stands aimed at extending your stay in a hammock even longer. Available now, this series is comprised of three very different styles, all of which feature tool-free assembly, have a great weight to capacity ratio, and are built like an Oldsmobile Delta 88.


Starting off the line is the Roadie Car Stand . By incorporating your vehicle, the Roadie uses your car’s tires to hold its two stanchions in place thus providing you with the proper span to hang one of their hammocks. When fully assembled, the Roadie weighs in at 56lbs. and will hold up to 250lbs. It requires a vehicle with a wheelbase of 94” to be properly used, which almost every passenger vehicle on the road has.  

The second stand in the line the SoloPod, which might just be the coolest thing since The Dead got back together last summer. Coming in at 58lbs, the SoloPod is free-standing and has the ability to hold up to 400lbs. Like the Roadie, the SoloPod can be set up and broken down quickly and easily. But what truly sets it apart from some of the other “back yard stands” on the market at the moment is that it doesn’t require any tools to do this. This feature makes it great to travel with or break down at the end of the season.


The last stand in the series is all about communal living and has “free love” written all of it. The ENOPod Triple may quite possibly be the only hammock stand on the market that is linked together and allows for three separate hammocks to be hung from it. Designed to be just as portable and just as easy to put up and take down as the Roadie and SoloPod, the ENOPod Triple offers a maximum capacity of 1200lbs. That is 400lbs per hammock – or 6 to 8 people in total, depending on how you and your friends like to party.

If you’re someone who enjoys the hammock life and wants to revel in it wherever you go, one of these stands might be the right investment for you. Ranging in prices from $199.95 to $499.95 it goes without saying that you’re paying for the convenience of a portable, easy to use, and durable hammock hanging system. But they truly are unique in the fact that all three have tool-free design, are lightweight when compared to the capacities they support, and are made to travel with you just about anywhere. There aren’t any other hammock stands on the market that have the form and function of The Roadie, SoloPod, or ENOPod Triple.


On a personal note: The idea of pairing my fully enclosed, super-plush DoubleNest OneLink Sleep System with the SoloPod has me planning out some serious fishing and camping trips already. Some of my buddies are talking about cabins and air mattresses and I’m thinking about the good life under the stars. If you haven’t done it yet, spend one night in a hammock – just to feel it out. Chances are you’re either going to love it or hate it, though most folks fall madly in love.