Many in the outdoor industry know Kristin Carpenter-Ogden well as the founder of Verde Brand Communications, now with more than 30 employees and offices in Boulder and Durango, CO, and Jackson, WY. For the past fifteen years she’s coached and consulted nearly 200 brands to successfully engage with and grow audiences.

But many may not be aware of her podcasts, entrepreneurial coaching and mentorship platform , The Intrepid Entrepreneur. Each week at /podcasts she interviews industry personas and gleams wisdom and insights to share with followers, fans, and any small business, especially in the outdoor world, looking for professional advice and inspiration. Her website offers free weekly and monthly content created to support the success of entrepreneurs in the outdoor markets. 

“No one can argue that entrepreneurs founded the active outdoor lifestyle industries and our markets are full of visionary founders,” she said. “Despite this, there really isn’t a dedicated, well-networked community or market-fluent resource created specifically to shepherd our founders. With Intrepid, my goal is to create a runway for entrepreneurs to be successful in the outdoor industry.”

In May of this year, she launched the first private membership site and community for outdoor founders, the A-Game Alliance. The launch brought together over 40 entrepreneurs who are now working through the Alliance’s customized e-learning trainings and collaborating in its private community. Carpenter-Ogden plans to open enrollment again at the end of Sept., with updated content and new guest mentors, including some of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the outdoors industries. If you’re interested in joining a wait list, head over to

Carpenter-Ogden will be pitching Intrepid at the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition (OIWC) PitchFest on August 2, in Salt Lake City. If you’re planning on attending the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this year, register to see PitchFest here

On this week’s guest on Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast is Josh Salvo, who says his newest project has been seven years in the making. The most recent version of the ReddyYeti platform launched a few months ago in March and already has 2,400 members, and Salvo says it couldn’t have happened without his past experiences.

At age 18, Salvo launched a website to help skiers find the right gear. Several projects and years later he and his partners are running ReddyYeti, a community for action sport enthusiasts to discover and help startups.

ReddyYeti partners with startups creating products and giving back to their communities, increasing visibility of these businesses through giveaways. He launched ReddyYeti using The Lean StartUp Methodology: they found a cheap way to prove the value of their product, and took that to companies for partnerships.

Tune in here to listen now and see what you can take away for your own passion project.