Improve Any Backpack With This Product

Improve Any Backpack With This Product


Do you have a great backpack at home that you absolutely love but it doesn’t offer you the support you need to carry heavier loads? If so then don’t worry – you’re not alone . But before you go out and buy a whole new pack, consider the Mainframe from a company called Ventra, which promises to give new life to any pack you currently own.

Made from aircraft aluminum, the Mainframe is designed to integrate with your existing backpack to add comfort, as well as increase support when carrying loads of up to 60lbs. Additionally, the frame is designed to improve breathability by keeping the pack off of your back as well, allowing air to pass through, and keeping you cooler in the process.


The Mainframe makes me think of my old Jansport pack I carried around back in high school. Because of the fabric and build quality I knew it could have carried a lot more gear than what I was able to stuff inside of it, but because it lacked any type of support system it would have destroyed my back and shoulders. Had this product existed back then, it would have made a world of difference.

Available in three sizes for $75, the Ventra Mainframe will be available soon from the company’s website.