If Indiana Jones Had A Backpack It Would Look Like This

If Indiana Jones Had A Backpack It Would Look Like This


Looking for an elegant, beautifully designed backpack to accompany you on all of your travel adventures? A company by the name of Wellington & Cromwell may have just what you’re looking for. The so-called “purveyors to adventurers” has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new safari pack that not only features a rugged looking, vintage design, but was also inspired by the death of Cecil the Lion last year too. 

Fashioned out of 24 oz. wax cotton canvas, the Cecil Safari Backpack looks like it came right off the set of an Indiana Jones movie. Its buckles and straps are made from treated brass hardware and full-grain cowhide respectively, while the interior of the bag is lined with soft, but durable cotton twill. The entire pack is stitched together according to Wellington & Cromwell’s exacting standards using durable spun nylon threads that were specifically selected to prevent fraying or breaking. The company takes the construction of its product so seriously in fact that every version of the backpack is exactly the same, right down to the layout and number of stitches used to put it together. 


Inside, the pack has a padded laptop sleeve designed to hold a 15″ Macbook, as well as a spacious main compartment for carrying your other important gear. There are also three additional external pockets, one on either side, plus another on the front. These compartments are perfect for carrying smaller items that you want to keep close at hand without having to rummage through the interior of the pack to find them. The outside of the bag is also emblazoned with the Wellington & Cromwell logo, which is fashioned after a Spanish Doubloon. 

The company’s crowdfunding campaign is a modest one compared to others we’ve seen. When the Kickstarter page was launched a few weeks back W&C hoped to raise $2000 to get their Cecil pack off the ground. The project was fully funded however, which means the backpack should start shipping in June, with a retail price of $200. Bullwhip not included.